About Kevin Williams & How Williams Interactive LLC Came To Be.

What a Wild Ride It’s Been So Far.

It’s been a wild ride having a career in internet marketing. It all started back in 2006 when I bought a direct response copywriting course offered by AWAI. Back then I knew the power of being influenced by a great piece of direct mail, but was clueless to how scientific the field actually was.

Shortly after I took the course I landed a position at Martino & Binzer as a Pay Per Click (PPC) specialist. Little did I know, but pay per click on Google and Yahoo is direct response advertising on steroids!

This was how Google became the beast they are today. Through selling advertising space on their search result pages.

In just 10 minutes you can be running an advertisement campaign and pay only when your customers click on your Ad. And if you rotate 2 ads at the same time, then you’re running a marketing psychology experiment.

3 years later I was responsible for managing over 110 clients pay per click accounts with an adspend totaling over $46,500 every month. I would build, manage, optimize these campaigns, and generate leads every month for these clients.

In my spare time I was learning and taking courses on internet marketing, PPC, SEO, affiliate marketing, marketing research, and learning from some of the smartest minds around. (And they’ve got the bank accounts to back up their big brains.)

I never thought a tiny Ad on Google with a 25 character headline would lead me to learning about the 80/20 rule, human psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, direct response copywriting, split testing, multivariate testing, surveys, market research, and so much more.

The more experience I gain and the more I learn, I realize  there’s so much more involved than a pay per click ad or an SEO listing on Google. These Ads and listings are such a brief moment in time for a marketer to hit their audience. It is so important to understand where this moment lays in the marketing timeline as thoroughly as possible.

What’s infinitely more important and challenging than when someone clicks on an Ad or listing in Google is figuring out what happens before the click and what to do with it afterwards.

I’ve spent thousands of my own money buying traffic on Google and Yahoo, and have learned an incredible amount. In my free time, I would take all my knowledge and help small businesses generate leads through the internet.

And that’s where I am today. On a mission to help the small business owner generate business through the internet. It is a revolutionary tool many people are just beginning to understand. Check out my PPC Consulting services or SEO Consulting Services and discover the customer getting potential of the internet.

It’s a beast that’s difficult to tackle at times. It’s not like you can go to school and learn this stuff. I was fortunate enough to gain my experience through the agency, and from following the industry leaders like a rat following the pied piper, and spending thousands of my own money on Google and Yahoo.

If your business can benefit from online lead generation then show me your marketing goals cause I can get you there faster through technology. Call (860)930-4893 today for a consultation.