Traditional Marketing is Dead!

There is a major shift happening in the way people are searching for information. If your business isn’t adapting to these shifts, then it could be costing you money.

People are turning to the internet and smart phones to find local business information. The ease of access and amount of information is turning this world into a giant connected intelligence.

Take a look at these amazing statistics.

  • 83% of U.S. households now use the internet as an information source when shopping locally for products or services – The Kelsey group
  • 30% of all search engine queries contain a city, state, or zip code. – piper jaffray 2008
  • With 2.6 billion local searches performed each month, the internet has now surpassed print, yellow pages, and newspapers as a primary source for local consumer service information.
  • The adoption of smart phones will only add to these numbers. 27% of all mobile searches are for local information.
  • According to a study performed by comScore Networks in 2008 they found that 82 percent of people using local web search followed up their research with offline action, including In-store visits, phone calls, E-mails, and purchases.
  • 61% of those performing local search sites eventually made purchases.

Local search marketing is here. You cannot ignore the importance of integrating online and offline marketing.

Reach Customers The Exact Moment They Need You With Local Search Engine Marketing.

Let’s pretend you own a dental office in Farmington Connecticut. Now, imagine yourself in your customer’s shoes. Imagine having a tooth ache that is killing you. It’s throbbing so bad you can feel your heartbeat in your jaw. You don’t have a regular dentist but need one now!

What’s the first thing you do? Sit down and go to right?  You’d probably type something in like “dentist in Farmington ct” or “Farmington Connecticut dentists”.

And you’re going to click on the first relevant link you find. You’re going to call and tell them you need help now. The listing may be a map listing, a normal link in Google, or highlighted sponsored listings. As long as it’s relevant, you’re going to click it.

Can you see how important it is to be in front of customers the exact moment they need you?

Not only can you be there when they need you, but everything on the internet is measureable. And this is what makes the internet an extremely targeted form of advertising. You may find you’re getting more visitors or calls from people searching “teeth cleaning in Farmington” versus “dentist in Farmington”. The intent behind these two searches is very different and each phrase needs a different marketing approach.

If your business is not on top of its game then you’re going to be left behind. It’s easy to create a website these days, and the competition is getting steep.  If you have a website you might consider some of these services to get you started by getting your name out there. Pay per click consulting in CT, SEO consulting CT, Local listing Services.

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