Are You Shooting Blind With Your Marketing?

The Olympics are happening right now. I’ve been watching this archer fellow from South Korea kick some serious butt. And he’s legally blind! I don’t know how he does it, but supposedly he aims for the center of a colorful blur 70 meters in front of him. Sounds to me like he might as well close his eyes and say a prayer.

Can I ask you a question? If you had to hit a target 70 meters away would you want to shoot blind? Of course not! Why shoot blind, when you can put on a super powerful scope and see exactly what you’re shooting at.

Why why why do people do this with their marketing campaigns! Especially online. There’s mountains of data available to do research into what your customers needs wants and desires are.

Without surveying and interviewing your customers there’s no better way to find out your customers wants then to launch a Google Adwords campaign and test how your customers respond to your advertising.

With the Google keyword tool you can look up the number of times specific phrases are searched every month. You can see global search volume, US search volume, the price per click to advertise, and the amount of competition you’ll face.

This tool is not a crystal ball however. Keyword intelligence is not the same as market intelligence. In English that means customers are more important than clicks.

When you run a paid advertising campaign on Google, you quickly will be able to see the search terms people found you with and which phrases turned into leads and paying customers. Even better, you can split test one ad and webpage versus another to see which one gets a better response. Now that’s getting even more powerful.

If you’re going to invest in advanced online strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), wouldn’t you want to know the phrases your trying to rank for on Google’s search results are going to bring paying customers?

That’s some food for thought.

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