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You Too Can Have Your Business DOMINATE Positions #1-8 on Google’s Search Results.

SEO Has Changed and If Your Business is Not Dominating Multiple Listings Then Your Competition is Stealing Your Customers!

(See Proof Below)

For a limited time you can hire this Connecticut search engine optimization consultant. He can get your business DOMINATING Google’s search results and increase SALES AND LEADS.

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Connecticut Based Search Engine Optimization Consultant Dominating Search Results

Dear Friend:

Have you ever seen a business dominate Google search results like the photo above?

Well, there’s one thing true about Google’s search engine and the internet. What worked yesterday doesn’t work today.

It’s growing and changing in dog years! (Believe me it’s exhausting to keep up)

If your business is not on top of the latest search engine optimization strategies, then your business is going to get trampled on.

Are You Willing To Let Competitors Pounce All Over Your Customers?

Lets face it…

Traditional marketing tactics like the yellow pages and newspaper advertising are dead.

More and more people begin their search for a business on the web.

And you’re here because you realize you need to get customers to your website through SEO. You need people to pick up the phone and call you or order online.

But you’re not the only one who realizes this.

Your Competition Knows They Need To Be Savvy With SEO Too.

(*The graphs below are actual phrases people type into Google’s search engine. The graphs show a trend in the amount of searches these terms received over the past year.)

Seo Consultant in CT

Twice as many people are looking for ways to drive customers to their website in the past year.

Twice as many people are actively searching for professional SEO services to bring customers to their websites

The chart below comes straight from the Kelsey Group. The percentage of small businesses moving their marketing budgets to online advertising is staggering.

Small Business's Are Using Local Internet Marketing Strategies Like SEO and PPC

In this survey of 302 SMBs, the penetration of digital/online media increased from 73 percent in August 2008 to 77 percent in August 2009, while that of traditional media decreased from 74 percent to 69 percent during the same period.

– The Kelsey Group

Businesses are coming to the internet in groves.

Everyone is frantically searching how to how to get traffic to their websites. They read about how SEO can bring visitors searching for their services on Google’s search engine.

Then they realize they need to hire an SEO consultant because they just don’t have the time to learn everything.

This is perfectly fine except for one thing…

Most CT Marketing Consultants and “SEO experts” Are Using Stone Aged Search Engine Optimization Techniques.

See, they spend month after month optimizing one static website to get one listing onto Google’s search engine.

This can take up to 6 months to see any results!

That’s a long time to wait around and see if the money you paid turns into leads. And how do you know the keywords your website is ranking for is going to generate leads.

Sounds like these SEO professionals get their lottery numbers from fortune cookies to me.

Now Imagine Dominating Multiple Page One Rankings For Multiple Keywords in Just A Few Weeks To A Few Months Maximum!

From what I’ve illustrated above this is very possible.

What would that do to your business?

It’s possible to dominate search engines like this when you take a comprehensive approach to SEO. I utilize  the powers of Link Building, Directory Listings, Web 2.0, Social Bookmarking, Social Media, Video Marketing, Article Marketing, Press Releases, and RSS.

If that all sounded like Foreign language to you don’t worry. All you need to know is that every link on the first page of Google’s search results can belong to your business.

Are You Going To Let Business Dry Up, Or Are You Going To Adapt And Bulldoze Ahead of Your Competition?

I don’t have to tell you times are tough. Businesses are dropping like flies and people are losing their jobs left and right.

And many people who have jobs are scared they’re not going to be around in the future.

In fact, I read a story the other day about a guy who commutes 1,000 miles every week from Wisconsin to Kansas because his job moved and there is nothing else available.

1,000 miles every week is insane!

If you’re a business owner, then you know firsthand the trouble the economy is in.

Higher taxes, increased prices, harder sales, more headaches, etc…

It seems like the world is against the small business owner.

But there is one thing that can get you through these tough times. And It’s the one thing that keeps business alive anytime.

Your Business Needs Leads and Sales To Stay Alive. One of the Best Ways To Do This is Through SEO Domination on Google’s Search Engine.

Imagine what it can do for your business when you’re dominating page one of Google’s search results.

Having multiple listings on page one greatly increases the chances your customers will contact you and not your competition.

If you can’t tell by now, this is much more than what your typical search engine optimization service from CT will provide.

I Am Seeking a Select Few Businesses Who Understand The Power of Lead Generation and Sale Orders Generated Through Search Engine Optimization.

Just a forewarning, this service isn’t for everyone. It takes a lot more effort to dominate Google’s search results like this.

While it may be a little more involved than your typical SEO Company…

Have You Ever Seen A Business Dominate Google Search Results Like This?

This type of service is for businesses that truly understand the lead generation power of the internet and believe in results accountable marketing. If you’d like to see how to create an accountable marketing machine that produces leads month after month then check out my PPC consulting services.

I’m only one person and I can only do so much. This is a lot of work and I want to deliver excellent service to everyone I partner with.

I’m looking to take on just a few customers. I owe it to my customers to give them my best service possible.

If you think your business can benefit from a service like this then contact me soonfor a free quote or call (860) 930-4893

Thank you,

Kevin Williams

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