Getting Hugs From Google – The Rise of The Online Social Butterfly – And Stone Age Search Marketing

From a Search Engine Optimization Consultant in CT

I’m willing to bet there are more than a few people who would still get leech therapy if their doctor told them to.

Especially if the leech was dangling right in front of them ready to go!

Who would doubt their doctor’s expertise?

Fortunately, I think the only doctors still doing leech therapy are witch doctors, and I bet your insurance doesn’t cover witch doctor visits.

Most people trust their doctors because they’re the experts. Right? They’ve got the experience, training, and clientele to back them up.

This unfortunately isn’t always the case with internet marketing. Some of these “professionals” aren’t really professional.

I’ve spoken with various people who’ve said they’ve been burned by supposed “SEO companies or consultants”.

These “SEO professionals” can be glorified design and IT companies who decide to jump on the bandwagon. I’m sure there’s others, but those are the main ones I see.

These companies claim their SEO experts (or social media experts being 2010). They don’t seek out proper training which ultimately ends up hurting them, their clients, and ruins the credibility of real professionals.

A lot of these “SEO professionals” use stone aged search engine optimization techniques. They attempt to set up a website to get one listing on page one of Google, and then remove themselves from the equation entirely. But they still seem to get a monthly fee for maintenance. Hmmm….

On top of all this,

Such A Stone Aged Approach To Marketing Can Take Up To 6 Months To See Any Results!

I hope this SEO Company picked the right keywords cause it’s going to take a while to see if that big check was worth it. (And I’m willing to bet they didn’t properly do their research)

Maybe that kinda worked 5 years ago, but definitely not today. And certainly not in the near future. Search engines are constantly changing. It requires constant promotion to keep your site on top. And now they’re paying more attention to the social butterflies!

The internet is as busy as midweek Manhattan x 100. Competition is increasing, and it’s not necessarily coming from your closest competitors. Your competition is now a 17 year old kid with a flip camera and his Banshee Bungee, or a 62 year old grandma blogging about the painful corns on her feet when she’s working on her rose bushes.

So what does this search engine marketing consultant recommend doing differently?

I’m sure you’re aware, and are even part of the social movement that’s happening on the internet. It’s really exploded within the past year. Every damn thing you read has a button to share on digg, facebook, twitter, buzz, etc. It’s freaking crazy!

Google has been aware of this for a while and has been taking action.

These are all the social properties Google has built so they can harvest the data out of us little worker ants. (There may be more, but these are the main ones.)

  1. Google came out with Buzz this year which is their version of twitter (micro-blogging)
  2. Google profile (create a personal profile that shows in search results)
  3. Google Knoll and Blogger have been out for a while, (web 2.0)
  4. Orkut (Google’s version of Facebook)
  5. Google Groups (Works like a forum)
  6. Picasa (Share photos with your friends)
  7. Google Sites (free websites and wikis)
  8. Google Docs (collaborate documents)
  9. Youtube (we all know what youtube is)
  10. My Maps (Share and collaborate a map with others)
  11. And in 2007 bought Feedburner for $100 million (rss aggregator – syndicates your blog content). Why would Google buy an rss aggregator for $100 million that will never make a penny? Cause it measures how many subscribers to a blog someone has. Data, data, data.

Faceboook just achieved it’s 500 millionth user which is incredible. That’s 200 more million people than the population of the USA!

My guess is that Google is scared shitless about the power and growth of Facebook.  It isn’t a toy to connect with college friends anymore.

In fact, I read a post by Perry Marshall the other day about how Facebook is now extending lives!

People in nursing homes are able to stay in contact with close ones and are now living longer because of it. That’s just crazy to me!

So what does a paranoid Google go and do? They create free social properties, get people to sign up and harvest the hell out of their data.

Well This is a Big Plus if You’re Looking to Get Ranked in The Search Engines!

Here is Google’s mission right from their website, “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” <<<<Notice the use of useful!

Some people have always discovered how to exploit Google in order to make lots of mula. They end up spamming the internet with crap. Google is at a constant battle with spammers. In order to combat this, you now need to prove you’re worthy to Google. And what better way to show you provide useful value then by having people interact with your content.

Unless you have multiple personality disorder, you wouldn’t go to a party and have a conversation with yourself right? We’ll putting content on the web these days is like having a little Paaartay and sharing an experience.

If you want to rank well in Google here’s what you need to do.

You’ve Got to Give Google a Hug in Order For Google To Hug You Back.

Promote your website with content designed to not only prompt your prospects to take action, but also prove it’s valuable by enticing them to engage and interact with you. It now takes a diversified approach to promote a website. Getting on these social mediums seems that it’s soon going to be critical just in order to get listed in the search engines. Hint: It’s especially powerful to use Google’s social properties!

Depending on the competition, and way you promote these properties it is now possible to dominate the entire first page of Google for longer keyword phrases.  If you utilize link building, web 2.0 properties, social bookmarking, Social media, Video Marketing, article marketing, press releases, rss, and anything viral and social, you can be a dominating force in your market.

And if you create a bit of a “buzz” then you can expect to hang around for a while.

I’m interested to see where the future will lead us because there already is automated software to add comments to blogs, put your links in there and mimic the activity of social activity.

Maybe one day in order to write a blog post or comment on Facebook, or send a gmail we’ll have to give out our social security number, credit card information, driver license number, fishing license number, names of our parents, and the name of your buddy’s uncle who used to grow Rhubarb and tomato plants out of his gutters.

Who knows but it will be interesting to see where it all goes.

What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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