The Death of Advertising & The Rise of Performance Based Marketing

I’ve recently began offering my services on a performance bases. Meaning, I only get paid when I produce results.

I always thought about doing this back in my agency days, but never really tried it till recently. I don’t know of many people in my business doing this, so I thought, “what the heck, I’ll give it a try.”

The reason I did this is because I’ve been advertising online for quite some time, and I’m confident in my ability to deliver results.

And it’s much easier to tell a client that they have to only pay for leads, versus educating them on what pay per click advertising is, SEO, link building, etc…

In order for me to do this, I’ve had to expand my reach and find as many local networks to advertise on. I’ve been calling ad reps like crazy.

I had an interesting call yesterday with the Blank pages (rhymes with mellow). I was calling to see how I can advertise banner ads on their search result pages. I must have spoke with 3-4 different people before this guy with a smokers voice began to tell me about how the yellow pages is now offering a pay per call listings. Both online and offline

It seems they’ve forgone their traditional model and adopted a pay per performance model.

I can’t believe they would get rid of their old model. Ya it didn’t work that great, but it was a goldmine for them!

Charging unbelievable amounts of money for thousands of listings! And customers who hated the way their advertising performed, but were there because they thought they had to.

Where it will end up overtime, who knows. But for now, there’s a world a change happening in advertising and marketing

With technology advancing insanely fast, the day is soon approaching where you’ll be able to deliver the exact ad for the exact person at the exact moment.

Does this mean that the market is finally demanding results from their advertising? Should Madison Avenue think about folding up. I don’t think so, but I do think performance based marketing will be more common in the near future.

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