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The Survival of Your Business Depends on Sales and Leads

Reach Customers the Very Moment They Need You With Pay Per Click Advertising And Create A Marketing System That Produces Leads Month After Month.

For a limited time you too can have this Connecticut based pay per click consultant generate leads and orders for you.

(He has successfully managed over 110 clients pay per click accounts with an ad spend totaling over $46,500 every month.)

“We hired Kevin to rebuild and manage our Google, Yahoo, and MSN pay per click campaigns. Within 90 days Kevin reduced wasted adspend by 320%, brought us more targeted visitors, helped us reach our holiday gift certificate sales goal, expanded our reach around the internet with banner ads, and we had numerous calls from customer’s telling us our Ads were following them around the internet. Our ads are everywhere! Kevin also provides my team with timely reporting on the progress of our pay per click campaigns which are easy to read and relevant to our business goals. Kevin is knowledgeable with PPC advertising I recommend him with confidence knowing he’ll get the job done.”

-Kyle Morham  Sales and Marketing Manager, Skip Barber Racing School

“Kevin has guided us with paid advertising strategies along with the idea of creating an informational resource for one of our brands to attract a larger audience online. Kevin is a hard working professional who I highly recommend.”

– Justin Derosa, E-Commerce Project Manager – Estee Lauder

Dear Friend:
Pay per click advertising is one of the greatest advances in advertising ever!

It is now possible to deliver your unique message the very moment your customers need you and pay only when they click on an ad.

There are over 100,000,000 searches on Google every day. If you reach these people effectively your business can change literally overnight!

I imagine you’re a savvy business person. And I’m willing to bet you understand the power of creating an internet marketing system with pay per click advertising and are seeking a consultant.

I’ve got news though. You’re not the only one!

More and more people are interested in increasing traffic to their websites. And they are turning to results based marketing like Pay per click on Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Unless your business is on top of its game, you will pay outrageous prices while your competition cleans it up.

For just about 3 years Kevin was the (pay per click) PPC specialist at Martino & Binzer. I recommend working with Kevin because he’s very professional, will get the job done, and most importantly get you the leads your company needs.

– Fran Palma Vice President of Digital Strategies Martino & Binzer Top 50 Business-to-Business Agencies in America

(*The graphs below are actual phrases people type into Google. This data comes straight from Google. The graphs show a trend in the amount of searches these terms received over the past year.)

The number of people looking for pay per click management services has more than doubled in the past year.

The number of people looking how to increase website traffic has doubled in the past year too.

On top of all this competition, there is a growing problem with pay per click on Google, Yahoo & MSN.

See, Google hires the most intelligent people on earth. And over the years…

Pay Per Click Has Evolved into a Hypersonic Jet! Managing A Successful Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign Requires a Consultant or A Full Time Trained Employee!

Kevin, I am really impressed by your level of professionalism. I have yet to find someone with the level of service you have shown.

– Rottenstein Law Group LLP

Google charges less money to smart advertisers. These are people who take the time making sure their ads and website content speaks and relates to their customer’s searches.

Do this wrong and you can end up paying $10 or more per click!

Crazy I know…

But you shouldn’t be paying ridiculous fees to advertise on Google. Infact, every dollar you invest should bring back customers with money in hand.

This my friend is results accountable marketing.

The secret to effective pay per click marketing is being able to say what you can uniquely do for your customer. (And how you can do this better than your competition) These principles were true 100 years ago, and will be true 100 years from now!

Your Main Marketing Goal Should Be Creating a System To Automate Leads To Your Business Every Month.

There is No Better Way To Do This is With Pay Per Click Advertising!

Hi I’m Kevin Williams. I’m a pay per click consultant in CT specializing in creating marketing systems that deliver new leads month after month.

Can I ask you an important question?

Would you rather chase people to do business with you, or would you rather have customers chasing you?

Hmmm… that’s a tough one I know.

Well, having customers chase you is more than possible with pay per click marketing. I know this because I’ve successfully managed over 110 pay per click campaigns. Campaigns with a monthly ad spend totalling over $46,500. (Most I’ve built from scratch).

These pay per click campaigns deliver leads month after month. And at an affordable price too!

I’ve invested thousands of dollars into my education. I’ve bought books and courses from the industry leaders and on top of all this I have spent thousands of my own money buying traffic on Google and Yahoo.

Don’t you want your pay per click campaigns managed by a consultant who treats your money like it’s their own?

This is the mentality I’ve cultivated through the years.

I Am Seeking a Select Few Businesses Who Understand The Power of Lead Generation and Sale Orders Created By Pay Per Click. And Are Willing to Team up with A Consultant Who Delivers Results.

Setting up a valuable PPC marketing campaign goes far beyond buying clicks on Google.

It involves looking under the hood of your website and seeing how people react to:


  • Your unique message that separates you from your competition. Is your website a template of everyone else, or do you actually deliver something unique?
  • Does your website copy connect with your customer’s core buying emotion, or do you shout, “BUY BUY BUY” at your customers?
  • Do you have landing pages so your customers can easily navigate and contact you? If not people will hit the back button before your website is done loading. This could be costing you valuable business!


If you can’t tell by now, this is more than your average pay per click management company provides.

I’m a pay per click consultant looking for businesses who want to take advantage of results accountable marketing strategies. Strategies involving website optimization, split testing, squeeze pages, email marketing campaigns, and relationship marketing.

Companies that utilize these strategies understand…

Making Incremental Improvements in Your Marketing Yields Exponential Improvements in The Amount of Leads and Customers Your Business Generates.

Below is my PPC consultation process. If your business can benefit from online lead generation then call 860-930-4893 now or contact me (I’m one person. It isn’t fair to my clients if I take on more than I can handle)

Request A Free Quote or call 860-930-4893

Pay Per Click Consultation Process

1. Focus on Your High Traffic Keywords

(Achieving more with less through leverage)

Do you know your core buying keywords?

You should know them even before you launch your campaign. Every keyword is different. Some represent people ready to buy, while others are just browsers looking for information. 20% of your keywords produce 80% of your sales and leads. Do you know if your core keywords are even converting to sales and leads for you? Does your landing page promise what your ad claims?

Whatever your top converting keywords are, it’s my job to exploit them and make certain they are consistently producing.


2. Squeeze The Most Out of Your Returns

(A solid pay per click campaign is music to your wallet.)

  • How efficient is your pay per click account?
  • Are your top keywords performing like they should?
  • Do you have any “runaway keywords” killing your ROI that aren’t profitable?
  • Is your account structured for maximum performance?
  • And is your ad copy in harmony with your keywords?

I will quickly show you where you’re paying more than you should. I will give a thorough overview of your campaign and find the urgent action needed to increase your profitability.

3. Sift Out The Duds

(Like a growing garden, your campaign tells you where the weeds are growing.)

Not every keyword and every site displaying your ad is going to be profitable. I filter these out to save you money. Not only does this tighten and focus your campaign, but you only bid on words or placements that make you money. I also look for new sprouts of growth and build out these profitable areas.

4. Scaling a Successful Campaign into New Areas

(When the soil is good the plants will grow.)

Google Adwords is just a small chunk of the available traffic on the internet. (But it’s a critical place to perfect your message!)


Once you perfected your profitable keywords and sales process, it’s then time to expand to new grounds. I know Yahoo Search Marketing just as good as Google Adwords, and am very familiar with Microsoft Adcenter (Bing) and Ask. Now is also the time to bring in the Sherman tanks for SEO and dominate for your core keyword phrases. You can check out my unique SEO consulting service here if you’d like to learn more.

Are there other lateral markets you can tackle? I’m betting there are.

5. Keeping Your Campaign Laser Focused

(Staying in shape requires effort.)

A well optimized campaign requires adjusting bids, intelligence from reporting & Google Analytics, and knowing what to do with this information. Plus you need to keep an observant eye on your competition. Continually improving over time means a lower cost per acquisition, a higher ROI, and ultimately more money in your pocket!

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