The Importance of Creating a Marketing System That Produce Leads Month After Month

Most SEO and PPC companies are glorified web design companies that take advantage of people’s lack of knowledge regarding search engine marketing.

These companies do a bare minimum to get their clients a “Top Listing” in the search engines, and know little on how to capture a lead after a prospect clicks a link in Google’s search results.

Usually, these companies will build a website so the search engines can index it, and then they’re out of the picture.

That’s an extremely basic approach to search engine marketing and doesn’t hold up over time. There’s a whole other side to effective search engine marketing which includes actually promoting your website and maximizing the ROI of your paid advertising.

If You Don’t Show Google Any Love Then Why Are They Going To Show it Back.

You wouldn’t open a storefront and not tell anyone about it right?

Well it’s the same with a website.

It is critical to internet marketing success to strategically and continuously promote your website. Everyday new content is being added to the internet potentially pushing your business out of the way. Actively promoting your website is what I call showing Google® love.

Effective search engine marketing takes a comprehensive approach.

It involves getting multiple listings in Google’s search engine and network through Pay Per Click Ads, Banner Ads, Videos, Images, Web 2.0 properties, Articles, Press Releases, Social Media, Blogs, and even in Google’s Maps.

On top of all this, everything on the internet is completely testable & measurable. Ask one of these glorified web design companies about split testing or performance statistics and they’ll look at you like you are from mars.

What Happens After “The Click” is Even More Important.

Search engines are a critical place to begin building relationships with prospects.

You can attract prospects into your sales funnel, become customers, and even continue to engage in a relationship with you in order to get repeat business in the future.

Kevin Williams is a certified Google AdWords® Individual and has successfully managed over 110 pay per click campaigns that produce leads month after month. These campaigns had monthly ad spends totaling over $46,500. He’s consulted and freelanced for Estee Lauder, built search engine marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 Companies and local companies such as law firms and carpenters.

He’s invested thousands of dollars into his education devouring and applying books and courses from the industry leaders. On top of this, he has spent thousands of his own money buying traffic on Google® and Yahoo®. When you work with Williams Interactive LLC and Kevin Williams you can be assured you’re working with an online lead generation expert and not your glorified web design company. That’s my personal promise.

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