Real Estate Marketing Assistant Position

If you have an interest in real estate and marketing, this is a potentially life-changing opportunity because you’ll get to directly operate as an independent contractor with  a leading family run real estate investment and solutions company. A while back we aligned ourselves  with a group of private buyers (some with over 20 years) to pool our experience and resources and acquire and operate a minimum of 1,500+ units per year. We are looking to grow our alliance .

You’ll get to play a key role in helping grow a new and exciting real estate strategic alliance  and work right with the private members.

We have assets including Hotels, Motels, Multi-family’s, Mobile Home Parks, RV Parks, Campgrounds, Independent and Assisted living Storage facilities, and single-family homes.

(In this role, you’ll be able to soak up real estate and marketing expertise & knowledge that would normally cost you thousands of dollars to get access to. We network  and strategize with the top professionals  in the industry and have spent a good deal of mentoring time with them.)

We’re looking for someone who is ambitious and hungry to learn and make things happenfor the long-term.

We have high expectations. We’re demanding but fair. You’ll be treated well and you’ll be recognized when you add value.

In fact, our goal is for you to grow and develop for the long term. Where it leads will largely be up to you.

Location / Working Environment:

We operate  virtually in the US. . This position requires virtual  capabilities . In other words, you’ll be working from wherever you have access to a smartphone, PC and internet.. At a minimum, you’ll need to have a smart phone, computer, reliable internet access, a microphone, and a quiet work environment to take and make phone calls.

Time Commitment:

Initially, the estimated time spent would be  15-20 hours per week. But this function  is designed to evolve into a self sufficient  role in a strategic alliance environment. 


You will generally be in control of your own schedule. There will be standard , team zoom calls and calling on brokers will require working during a few US hours (EST) each day when they are generally available. 


The first month is run as a trial to mutually determine whether it’s going to be a good fit or not. Because we are expecting interest from a variety  of backgrounds and skill levels, economic arrangements and incentives will be agreed on a case by case basis. After the first month, an independent contractor agreement will be negotiated .

Examples of the functions  You’ll be Doing:

  • Calling real estate brokers to find  off market deals. (Scripts and training provided.)
  • Calling property owners  to see if interested in selling. (Scripts and training provided.)
  • Categorizing incoming deals by entering information into a calculation model.
  • Managing an email inbox.
  • Sending templated email responses to begin the conversation.
  • Coordinating a calendar of upcoming auctions and events.
  • Creating marketing lists via software, and scraping.
  • Sending marketing materials (postcards, letters, and more) (Already premade you just need to hit click)
  • Using software like propstream, Microsoft Office, Google Apps.
  • Serving as our “go to person” for coordinating projects

These are just a few examples of the type of functions we need done – you’ll be our go to person for a lot of different real estate marketing related tasks.

This is a very unique opportunity. Good math skills are a plus! 

The Next Steps:

  1. Fill out the form below (all fields are required). If your background and experience fits,  we’ll setup a time to futher discuss..

The deadline to respond  is January 30th, at 4:59 PM EST.