The Truth About Getting Qualified Industrial Leads From The Internet!

How to use an industrial marketing program to reach prospects the very moment they need you and generate targeted leads as quickly as one month from now!

In a GlobalSpec survey of 384 respondents, 71% said the top three marketing challenges were not enough quality leads, having too few resources, and the need to drive more customers to the company’s web site.

Prospects have 100 new emails a day…their cell phone is constantly buzzing…30 voicemails to check…  meetings… deadlines… distractions… There are forces pulling them from all directions!

As you can see, your traditional industrial sales force (cold calling and prospecting) faces tremendous obstacles in today’s world. Good luck trying to call someone to listen to your pitch.

Business relationship building has done a 180 in the past 10 years.

How can you stand out in today’s crazy world?

The Industrial Sales Process Has Been Revolutionized By The Internet!

If an engineer or purchasing professional has a problem they’re not picking up the phone anymore.

“Over 90% of engineers use the internet to locate suppliers, components, and products” (source: GlobalSpec Industrial Indicator Survey 2011)

People are researching your company online. Your industrial website has the power to build relationships and assist your sales team to close more deals.

This removes your sales team from prospecting the traditional way and allows them to focus on closing more deals.

How Can You Reach Your Prospects The Exact Moment They Need You And Create A Marketing System That Delivers Targeted Leads Month After Month

Kevin Williams has written a whitepaper called, The Truth About Generating Industrial Leads From The Internet. This whitepaper gives you a road map for an online marketing strategy for your industrial business. Whether you plan on doing the marketing in house or turning it over to a third party this guide discusses the following topics:

  • The Main Purpose Of An Industrial Website (it’s not what you traditionally think a website to be) and how to use it to generate leads, begin relationships, and dramatically grow your business.
  • 5 Critical Elements An Industrial Website Must Have before even thinking about creating an internet marketing program. If your company’s website doesn’t have all of these 5 elements then your program is set up for failure.
  • How To Reach Prospects The Exact Moment They Need You by using pay per click (PPC) advertising on the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This type of advertising is one of the most powerful lead generation strategies on the internet.
  • 6 Essential Elements Of Successful “Landing Pages” (A Landing Page is a webage a searcher lands on after clicking an ad) – You have less than 10 seconds to get your message across. Get this wrong and no one will contact your company, or worse you can even get banned by Google!
  • The 3 Legged Stool of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Most SEO professionals and companies ignore these 3 crucial elements. Discover what they are and understand how to really attract people from the search engines. Plus specific examples and templates you can implement right away!
  • How Publishing Problem Solving Content Can Give Many More Leads Than Just Asking For An Inquiry. Engineers and supply chain professionals are searching for solutions. Are you getting in front of them?
  • A Case Study Of A Client Who Changed Their Online Marketing Strategy and as a result developed hundreds of qualified leads every month.

Your company becomes more and more obsolete with every day that passes where you don’t improve your online marketing. The internet is here to stay and is the beginning point of many business relationships.

My Free Industrial Internet Marketing Guide Will Give You The Fundamental Understanding Of What It Takes To Succeed In Today’s Digital World.

If you are responsible for marketing at an industrial business then this will have an immediate impact on your campaigns and business. And if you have a little technical experience or easy access to someone who does, you can be generating leads in under a month from now.

This guide is based on best practices I’ve crafted from my years of experience consulting and working at a top 50 business to business advertising agency in the US. These are strategies I’ve developed from creating over 130 online marketing campaigns for companies such as: Loctite Adhesives, Z-medica, Assa Abloy, Onsite-gas systems, RBC Bearings, Biolitec, Skip Barber, and many more.

This guide will give you the edge you need to succeed online.

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