Day 5

Winning on Google is like Winning a High School Popularity Contest.

To find a local business today, you do a Google search and contact the business who stands out the best.

Why is it that some businesses seem to take up the whole page while others aren’t even making the cut for a first page listing?

These business that stand out are listed everywhere!

There’s an online directory for everything local these days. And the businesses who take advantage of these listings are rising to the top and getting leads month after month.

But if you have a Google listing why do these other listings matter?

Because Google pulls citations from other sources.

Citations are listings of your business information on other websites. They don’t have to be complicated listings about your business. In fact, the information should be exactly as you put it in Google.

The more information about your business out there, the more Google can determine the relevancy of your business to a users search.

To win with Google is like winning a popularity contest in high school. The social butterfly who floats from group to group has a great chance on coming out on top.

So where are the top places to get listed.  The 10 local directories I’ve listed below are a very good place to start.

  1. Yahoo local listing
  2. Bing local listing center
  3. Best of the web
  4. Infousa
  5. Yellowpages
  6. aol local
  7. mapquest
  8. citysearch

Get on these directories and you’ll begin to see a rise in your traffic. And your Google Places listing is completely controllable.  Over time you can keep improving your listing to reach out to more customers.

Most local businesses are still relying on the horse and buggy to get from point A to B when a high powered jet is right in front of them. If you followed everything I’ve gone over in this course, then you’re on your way.

I truly wish you success with your local business and success on Google. Claiming your listing now will bring high quality prospects to your business and ensure you’re prepared for the future.

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Thank you,