Day 4

Explode Your Sales By Understanding The Importance of Customer Reviews

Not too long ago, I was in a Verizon store looking for a new phone. If you’ve ever looked for a new phone, you know how awesome it feels to upgrade.

But at the same time is a difficult decision because you have so many to choices. Plus, you have to relearn everything about it, and you want to make sure your peers will approve.

On top of that, there’s a big difference in price to pay between different phones.

I looked at most the models I was interested in, read all the specs about them, and even tinkered around with the different phones.

I was trying to get a feel and see how they operate.

I pictured myself walking around with each phone, doing all the cool things these new phones could do like instantly upload a video to YouTube. Or making Facebook updates from anywhere like my friends were starting to do.

Just holding the different phones made me feel somewhat more cool and powerful.

I was torn between a blackberry or a new droid. I wanted a phone I could have fun with it, but at the same time wanted the ability to get work down. After all, they are “mobile devices” right?

I finally got to speak with a salesman who didn’t help much. He told me the features of each phone and that was about it.

Big deal, I already read the features for a half hour before he “helped” me.

He said some other sales guy in the store just got the new blackberry and loves it, but only has had it for a week. That made me feel better, but I still wasn’t sure.

A few minutes later, a couple walked into the store near where we were standing. The guy said to the girl, “You know, It’s only been about two months since I’ve had the droid and I already can’t see myself without it. It’s like having a mini laptop that makes phone calls!”

I didn’t need the sales guy anymore. I started to speak with this customer about the phone.

Can you guess which phone I got? I got the droid.

That’s the power of a review. It’s a glowing review for a product or service from an unbiased source.

Have you ever look that the reviews and comments on Amazon before buying a product? That’s the power of an unbiased review.

Google Places allows for customers to review your business which can be critical to provide your future customers help with a buying decision.

On top of that, reviews improve your rankings in the search results.

Google wants to bring the most relevant information they can to their customers. If your business is getting a buzz and people are leaving multiple reviews on your Google place page, then this must be something of importance.

Google will also pulls reviews from third party sites like Yelp and other local directories.

But sometimes people need a little push to drop an unbiased opinion of your business.

Here are 2 easy of ways to get reviews on your Google place page:

  1. You can send an email to customers saying how you recently updated your Google Places listing and ask if they would be first to review the business.
  2. Create a coupon in your Google place page offering a small discount for anyone who leaves a review.

There are plenty of ways to get reviews, and a little bit of effort today will carry over for years to come.

Something to note: As hard as we try we can’t be everything to everyone. Occasionally, someone may unintentially get bad service, etc.

Customers have the ability to leave bad reviews. Now this might seem a bit daunting at first glance, but in the end may actually boost credibility even more, or point out a weakness in your business you need to correct.

If it’s truly someone spamming your business you can click on a link next to the review flag as inappropriate, and can get the review removed.

Also, you can write a response to the person’s negative review and give feedback.

Here’s some guidelines when writing a response.

1. Keep it all Business – You’re replying to an experience with your business, not someone who’s attacking you personally.

2. Be nice – you can’t win an argument with an angry customer, and you may not know their true reasons for being upset with the business.

3. Understand that feedback is helpful – Maybe you have a weakness in your business that you weren’t aware of, and this insight gave you the information you needed to better serve your customers.

Reach out to this person, explain how they gave you a valuable insight and how you’re willing to make it up to them. Doing this may provoke them to amend their comment, or take it down completely.

Tomorrows lesson is called:

“Winning on Google is like Winning a Popularity Contest in High School.”

Thank you,