Critical Information About Your Business You’ve NEVER Been Able To See Before! Who’s searching for You on Google, How They’re Finding you, And Where They’re Coming From When They Walk in The Door.

Imagine the Yellow Pages letting you know exactly how your customers find and interact with your listing, and gave you feedback afterwards.

All before your customers decide to do business with you!

Could you see yourself improving to attract more customers this way?

With a Google listing, never before have you been able to see in such detail how your customers are searching for your business. And the best part is this information is 100% free and confidential to you.

Every business owner who verifies their business on Google is given a reporting dashboard.

As soon as you log into your Google places dashboard you see:

  • The top 10 search queries people typed to see your listing
  • How many times potential customers saw your business as a local search result on Google
  • How many times these users showed interest in your business
  • How many times they click for more information
  • How many clicked through to your website
  • And how many and exactly where people are requesting driving directions from.

All this information helps you make smarter decisions to bring in more customers.

For example, if you’re a restaurant you may start to see trends in the food customers are craving based on how they’re searching for you. You may want to enhance your menu to cater to these trends.

You also may notice a lot of people are coming from the other side of town or state, and maybe you can open another restaurant at a new location.

You can continually adjust your place page on Google to improve your results. Your listing on Google is a living bridge between you and your customers.

In my Google Place management service I work to continually improve your listing to ensure your listing is showing for your customer’s searches. You too can benefit from being a market leader by getting a first page Google places listing. See how here.

Tomorrow’s lesson is called:

“Pull Ahead of Your Competition by Leaping at Your Customers with an Enhanced Google Place Listing.”

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