Day 1

Get This Wrong and You Can Miss Out on 1,000’s of Potential Views!

Download Google Places Unlocked .pdf Here.There is one thing you need to fundamentally understand before you do anything online these days.

The internet is indexed by keywords just like a book. (Words & phrases people use to search online).

A book may be hundreds or thousands of pages long, but in a matter of seconds you can look in the index and find what you’re looking for.

In your market there’s specific language people use in the search engines to search for the products or services your business offers.

There’s a difference between “carpenter” and “home remodeler”. Or between “Hartford” and “West Hartford”

Get it wrong and you can be missing out on thousands of potential views.

Lets say you target your website and local listing for the phrase “carpenter in West Hartford” and your potential customers are typing in “home remodeling West Hartfod”.

Your website and listing won’t show up for their search, which means your missing out on getting your message in front of hundreds if not thousands of potential customers.

So how do you know which keywords to use online?

Well the most important thing is to know who your ideal customer is. This is who your business serves best.

Here’s a quick 4 step process to find your ideal customer.

1. Write down a definition of your ideal customer. In one sentence write: my ideal customer is someone who already knows blank exists in blank area and is actively searching for/to hire one.

2. Go to the google keyword tool here. Start by typing in the most specific keyword from your definition, and the location you want to market to.

  • So if you’re a carpenter in West Hartford, type “carpenter West Hartford”, and click search.
  • Check out the local monthly searches for related keywords. These are how many people are searching for your services.
  • Sort by local monthly search volume, and select the top 10 that match your ideal customer definition
  • Export the keywords to excel or some other spreadsheet software

3. These are going to be your most important keywords to focus on. Google allows you to use up to 5 in your local listing, but keep all 10 to be safe.

4. You’ll use these top keywords where ever you can while filling out your Google places profile. Especially in the category fields!

This is a very powerful way in which Google determines to display your business listing to people.

OK this is the end of day one in the 5 day course.

Tomorrows lesson is called:

“Critical Information About Your Business You’ve NEVER Been Able To See Before! Who’s searching for You on Google, How They’re Finding you, And Where They’re Coming From When They Walk in The Door.”

Thank you,