Why capturing people’s information is the real purpose of a website

Have you ever actually really thought about the purpose of your website? I mean really thought about it.

A lot of times we can get caught up in the excitement of a new website that we get carried away with things like flashy design and the company logo. [Read more…]


3 Proven Strategies To Get Your Business Online Today?

  1. Get yourself listed in local online directories. Be consistent with your business information. The more consistent you are, the better you will list in the search engines. Phone numbers, address, etc. should all be the same. Google is the first local directory to get listed in. It’s called Google places, and the results show up in Google.com’s map results. [Read more…]

Traditional Marketing is Dead!

There is a major shift happening in the way people are searching for information. If your business isn’t adapting to these shifts, then it could be costing you money.

People are turning to the internet and smart phones to find local business information. The ease of access and amount of information is turning this world into a giant connected intelligence. [Read more…]


The Importance of Creating a Marketing System That Produce Leads Month After Month

Most SEO and PPC companies are glorified web design companies that take advantage of people’s lack of knowledge regarding search engine marketing.

These companies do a bare minimum to get their clients a “Top Listing” in the search engines, and know little on how to capture a lead after a prospect clicks a link in Google’s search results.

Usually, these companies will build a website so the search engines can index it, and then they’re out of the picture.

That’s an extremely basic approach to search engine marketing and doesn’t hold up over time. There’s a whole other side to effective search engine marketing which includes actually promoting your website and maximizing the ROI of your paid advertising.

If You Don’t Show Google Any Love Then Why Are They Going To Show it Back. [Read more…]


Google Goes Instant Coffee On Us!

I went to Google this morning and noticed something a little fishy.

As I was typing I could see the google search box lightly filling in with Google suggestions as I was typing in my search.

I thought something was wrong at first, but quickly noticed search results were changing to reflect what was in the search box as I was typing.

I mean this was instant!

Then I panicked. I thought to myself, “No way in hell can this be good for business!” How can you compete when a searcher is going to see anywhere from 3-5 different search result pages within 3 seconds. [Read more…]