1 Secret To Using The Best Keyword Tool on The Planet

Many keyword tools make the claim they’ll have you weaving gold from hay in 10 minutes.

I’ve been there, and it sucks.

Both because I put a lot of effort into keyword research; only to be beating a dead horse. And because I never met Rumpelstiltskin!

Where do you begin?
How many keywords should you use?
Should you look for more or less?

Are you ready for the Secret?


You need just one bulls-eye keyword. The most important keyword in your market. Your entire business should be built around this keyword. One keyword gives you focus, purpose, and allows you to use…

The Best Keyword Tool on The Planet!

Let me explain.

Using only this dead center keyword, you launch a Google Adwords campaign to a targeted landing page. Set broad matching in Google then let Google’s system find what it deems to be related. (NOTE:Google has become pretty liberal with how they use the broad match version of their tool which is enough for a different post)

Your ad will branch out from this keyword bulls-eye and display for relevant searches. In a few days to a month you’ll get all the keywords you’ll ever need when you run a search query report.

What you do with all these targeted keywords is another story, but you know have a list of actual searches people used to find your services.

This is better than any keyword tool.

If Rumpelstiltskin advertised online, I imagine this would be the method he would choose.

If you’d like to find your bulls-eye keyword then check out the bottom of my post here.

Be Well,


P.S. One of the best ways to reach customers the very moment they need you is with pay per click advertising. Or Getting the most money out of your SEO marketing campaigns. A top local listing on Google reaches local cusotmers the moment they need you. If your site isn’t mobile than these people click the back button and go to your competitors.

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